Two Day Show - September 12 & 13, 2015
The Canadian Snowbirds & CF-18 Hornets are coming!
Gates open at 9:30am - Air Show Starts at Noon

Performers and Static Displays at Lake County's Only Air Show - 2014 Wings Over Waukegan!

This year we will be commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day, an event in our history, which changed the course of WWII and set the Allied Forces on their path to victory. We hope to help the younger generations understand that air power was an integral force in the Allies' success and instill an appreciation for aviation. Viewers will witness great flight performances by the world-renowned aerobatic pilots. Eye-catching vintage military craft, such as the P-51 Mustang and the F-86 Sabre, will take the skies during flight demonstrations.

Families will love this value-inspired regional event. Enjoy food and beverages while viewing the amazing aerial feats of historic aircraft. Afterwards, kids can get their photograph taken with some of the brave pilots while adults can shake hands and drill the pilots with any burning questions.

Tentative Schedule

  • Quad City Skydiving Jumpers Flag Drop (w/ Team Aerostars Circling)
  • T-28 Missing Man Formation
  • P-51D Mustang "Baby Duck" - Vlado and Tony
  • P-51 Demo Flying Formation- Vlado
  • F-86 Sabre / MiG17 Air Combat Duel
  • Dave Dacy - Super Stearman Solo
  • Michael Vaknin - Extra 300 Solo
  • T-33, T-37, L-39, Individual & Formation Jet Parade
  • Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team (T-28 aircraft)
  • Dave Dacy / Tony Kazian Wingwalking
  • Aerostars Formation Aerobatic Flight Team (Yak-52TW Aircraft)
  • F4U-5N Corsair
  • Legacy Flight
  • A-4 Skyhawk TAC Demo
  • 70th Anniversary of D–Day Salute - Including A Must-See Spectacular Pyrotechnic Display

(All Acts Subject to Change Without Notice)

Featuring... The Trojan Horsemen

The only 6 ship T-28 Warbird formation demonstration team performing in the world today. A salute to the armed forces of the United States of America.. The T-28 is a crowd pleasing large, fast and loud warbird with combat history and a growling 1425 HP radial engine. Six of these warbirds have a commanding presence and generate excitement in the air. The aircraft have smoke systems and sport authentic U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy paint schemes and markings to compliment the patriotic theme. You won't want to miss the Trojan Horsemen!



Highlights of the Aerostars' aerobatic performance include tight formation loops and barrel rolls, flown at distances no more than three feet from eachother as well as the team's signature maneuvers like the heart in the sky, the twinkie roll and the flip and flop. Combining these maneuvers with the thrill and excitement of the roaring Yak warbird engines provides a truly unique experience to all airshow participants.


Dacy/Kazian Wingwalking - Michael Vaknin Extra 300

The Wingwalker - A highly skilled wingwalker and a unique entertainer, Tony Kazian brings to the center stage the thrill and excitement of the Dave Dacy/Tony Kazian Super Stearman Wingwalking Team.

With no parachute, no ropes and no cables, Tony's freestyle performance on and about the wings of Dave Dacy's Super Stearman is awe-inspiring and is guaranteed to capture the attention of all! Whether performing a solo aerobatic routine, or with wingwalker, Tony Kazian, 'on board', the Super Stearman brings to crowd center the thrill, excitement, smoke and noise of true airshow entertainment! In a low level, aggressive aerobatic display of barnstorming maneuvers Dave Dacy's self-styled routine in the Super Stearman continues to be a 'front page' story, captivating the attention of event attendees, sponsors and media alike. The incredible talents and capabilities of two highly skilled professionals come together as Dave Dacy and Tony Kazian present a tremendous aerobatic wingwalking performance that is 'second to none'.

Michael Vaknin Extra 300 – Mike's style brings precision, speed, head dazzling Gyroscopic and high G maneuvers to airshow center.


Warbird Heritage Foundation

The Warbird Heritage Foundation will be showcasing their antique military aircraft. The Foundation, which was founded by Paul Wood, was organized for the purpose of acquiring, restoring, displaying, and demonstrating various antique aircraft of historic military significance. The Foundation's focus is on preserving its aircraft in flying condition, demonstrating these aircraft at air shows and other special events, and promoting public interest in historic military aircraft.

The Warbird Heritage Foundation Headquarters and Hangar is located at the Waukegan National Airport in Waukegan, Illinois. They are happy to meet with private groups by appointment only.


Quad City Skydiving, T-33, and T-37


The Finale - A Must See Spectacular Pyrotechnic Display

Our finale is sure to please with our spectacular pyrotechnic display put on by Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions. Keep your cameras ready, as you don't want to miss it!


Disclaimer: Images depicted may not represent the actual plane/vehicle that will be on-site at the air show.

REMEMBER: Bags and coolers subject to random search.